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Umbrella "Little Boy"

Umbrella "Little Boy"
Umbrella "Little Boy"
Umbrella "Little Boy"
Umbrella "Little Boy"
Umbrella "Little Boy"


Kids will love going out in the rain with this colourful and stylish umbrella.

A stylish kids' umbrella made from a robust windproof material, which allows it to withstand the weather and heavy rain. In dark green color and nice design.

This umbrella is both easy to wear and very strong with 8 ultra-strong and flexible metal rods capable of withstanding the wind without breaking.

The end of the ribs is protected by coloured tips matching the handle.


  • - Colour: Dark green.
  • - Automatic opening and closing system, simple and practical.
  • - Perfect protection without being too heavy.
  • - Recommended age: 3-10 years approx.
  • - Canvas material: polyester.
  • - Handle material: plastic.
  • - Diameter: 78 cm.
  • - Length: 44 cm.
Ex Tax: 17.00€
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: um001

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