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Mr Wattson mini black

Mr Wattson mini black
Mr Wattson mini black
Mr Wattson mini black
Mr Wattson mini black
Mr Wattson mini black


Mr. Wattson Mini Table Lamp USB Fashion Black is the younger brother of the popular Mr. Wattson table lamp that has become popular in homes around the world. The smaller version has the same design as the original, making it just as flexible and atmospheric albeit a little smaller.

The contrast between the vintage metal lampshade and the natural wood results in a stylish Nordic expression. The small table lamp doesn’t take up much space on the windowsill, desk, or bedside table where it lights up the room in a comfortable glow.

The lamp comes with a USB cable and is charged through the USB port. You can charge it using a computer or a USB adaptor for a normal socket (not included).


Power connector: USB

Adapter included: No

Cable: 900 mm

Light source: 0,5W G4 LED - 50 Lumen

Material: Wood

Colour: Black

Height: 26 cm

Width: 9 cm

Depth: 16.5 cm

Ex Tax: 99.00€
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: fos010

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