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Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"

Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"
Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"
Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"
Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"
Muslins "spots grey" (set of 3)"


These handy multi-clothes have a good size (70cm x 70cm) and can be used for anything. You can use the multi cloths to dry your little one off after bathing or swimming, as a cover on the pillow, as a blanket in the bed, as a fitted sheet in the crib or as a playcloth in the garden. Hydrophilic absorbs moisture easily, can be washed hot and is multi-functional. 
This product can be washed at a maximum temperature of sixty degrees. The product may be ironed and can be dried in the dryer. Wash with the same colours.
Set of 3
Color: grey

Size 70cm x 70cm

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  • Model: mc041

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