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Wall sticker "Hello" Gold

Wall sticker "Hello" Gold
Wall sticker "Hello" Gold
Wall sticker "Hello" Gold
Wall sticker "Hello" Gold
Wall sticker "Hello" Gold




Sticker of 30 x 30 cm 

Color: Gold

For smooth supports (walls, metal, plastic, windows, ...)

Matt vinyl reusable

Our stickers are easily removable without damage or residues on the wall

Holds up to 5 years

M1 approved

Lead chromate free

Reach & Rohs - compliant

Handcrafted in France

Delivered in a box with installation instructions





If your support has been painted recently, wait 15 days before applying the stickers Some models are delivered with a transfer film to facilitate installation
Warning : the photos may not represent the achievement at the exact size.
Please refer to the measures of the description

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