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Castle bed grey

Castle bed grey
Castle bed grey
Castle bed grey
Castle bed grey
Castle bed grey


This loft castle bed is a paradise for playing and sleeping. With this bed your children can experience imaginative adventures during the day and sleep peacefully at night. To avoid danger while climbing and romping around, the edges of the bed are rounded and a fall protection prevents your children from falling. The ladder can be mounted on both sides, so the bed is flexible to your spatial conditions.

  • solid natural Pinewood
  • painted white (wood grain is visible)
  • grey curtain, 100% Cotton
    • Lying surfaces (W x D): 90 x 200 cm
    • external dimensions (W/H/D): 207 x 228 x 97 cm
    • height of headboard and foodboard: 110 cm
    • height under the bed: 75 cm
    • height fall protection: 26 cm
    • Depth of mattress: 4 cm
    • Post Thickness: 5 cm
    • slatted frame comprises 13 wooden slats
    • for additional dimensions, please look at the detailed picture



  • Great Children Loft Bed with ladder, slide and tunnel, ideal for sleeping and playing
  • encircling curtain in grey Design
  • including fall protection
  • stable Version with solid Bed post
  • ladder and slide can be mounted on both sides
  • comfortable Lying surface
  • rounded Edges and corners
  • slatted frame are included but other slatted frames can be used
  • easy to assemble
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  • Model: bed001

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