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Music hanger Animal PInk

Music hanger Animal PInk
Music hanger Animal PInk


This musical hanger is fun to hang for decoration in the baby room. On the musical hanger is a cheerful print of a cute animal.
If you are still pregnant, play the music near your belly and you will see that it is familiar and soothing for your little one when it is newborn. This music hanger is also very nice to give as a gift when you go on a maternity visit.
The music hanger is made of cotton and the filling is made of 100% polyester fiber fill. The size of the music hanger is 15x20x7 cm. If you pull the cord, the music hanger plays the song "Lullaby" by Mozart.
You can wash this product on a hand wash. The product must not be ironed or dried in the dryer. Wash with similar colors

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